We at shalom offer alcohol and drug recovery and detoxification from our world class doctors and professional staff.  This combined with our world class accommodations and amenities, sets us apart from every treatment center in the world. We believe with all our hearts that we are going to change the recovery industry for the better. Our success rate will be so high that other centers will have no choice but to follow our lead and change their ways. If we didn’t think our individualized, personalized, one on one new methods were going to be so successful, we wouldn’t put it in writing. The national recovery rate, one year after rehabilitation , is only 4%. That’s absolutely horrible. We know our concept of recovery to our clients will be well above a 65% success rate. Please read through our site thoroughly and see for yourself why we can make such a bold statement on our home page.  There isn’t a recovery center on earth that puts so much emphasis on one on one, personalized care at a 8 to 1 staff to client ratio.  If you have any questions at all please call us 24/7.

Shalom Jewish Recovery Institute separates all clients, if they so choose. Privacy and confidentiality is of prime importance to everyone here at Shalom Institute.

Call anytime, 24 hours a day seven days a week & talk to a professional staff member, never an answering service.
(631) 532-6375