There are two laws, title 42, of the code of federal regulations (42 CFR Part 2) and the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPPA), that govern the confidentiality of our client records. All shalom staff members are trained in the meaning and observance of these laws.
Shalom believes in strict adherence to these laws and fosters staff vigilance concerning confidentiality, which in turn contributes to clients having the peace of mind necessary for them to fully concentrate on their recoveries.
Staff confidentiality policy and non-disclosure agreements—the basis of client privacy. Shalom employees confidentiality policy requires our staff members to sign a confidentiality and trade secret non-disclosure agreement that binds them to protect all client information during and after they are employed at shalom. They also sign an agreement covering all electronic communication (E.G. E-mails, texting, social media, photo sharing, and phone calls)—this stringent agreement serves as the basis for shalom staff training, adding another layer of protection to client privacy at shalom.
All outside contractors sign an agreement to further protect client confidentiality.  At shalom, a confidentiality handbook serves as an important training tool used to ensure all persons working at shalom have a deep understanding of their responsibilities and obligations relative to the client.

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