We are here to help the individual accept that they need help. The addict may be in denial or believe they are hopeless.  In these instances, our professional interventionist is available to help you and your loved one take the next step. Sometimes the support of loved ones is needed to open their minds to recovery.  A professional interventionist is required to assist the family with what to say and the best way to approach the addict. A telephone call to shalom institute will help determine if this step is needed. If this step is needed, we will go wherever we are needed to conduct such an intervention. We will travel to Israel to conduct such interventions, we know how important an intervention can be getting your loved one into recovery. So we will go to the end of the world if necessary to help you. So please call and ask questions, have your rabbi call us if you want, we love talking to the families rabbi. This is life and death, choose life today and call us.

Call anytime, 24 hours a day seven days a week & talk to a professional staff member, never an answering service.
(631) 532-6375