Each client will stay in a 2,150 square foot suite. All accommodations are outfitted with a bold and engaging style befitting New York, and every detail is custom designed to create a relaxing and indulging experience. Visually stunning 12 foot, floor-to-ceiling windows gives our clients relaxing views of Central Park and the New York City skyline.

Shalom Spa is 6,000 square feet of pure serenity set within the heart of our facility. Inspired by wellness techniques from around the globe, our Spa offers a peaceful setting to re-energize and rejuvenate. Every recovery regimen is personalized, stimulating each of the five senses. Pamper yourself with a relaxing full-body message, enjoy a clarifying facial, or relax with a warm herbal wrap or body glow scrub. Our saunas and steam rooms further help you to relax and ease the tension of the lifestyle you were leading. Each of our clients will get to enjoy the Spa as part of their treatment.

Being your best means training with the best. That’s why at Shalom Jewish Recovery Institute we hand pick a personal trainer to assist you in our state-of-the-art health club featuring all techno gym equipment, which allows our clients and trainer to train with free weights, circuit training, cardiovascular equipment. Even if our client has never stepped foot in a health club, we highly recommend this part of the recovery regimen as it’s proven to release the bodies natural endorphin’s that makes us feel good. Our personal trainer will do a comprehensive fitness evaluation to determine the best health program for you.

All clients at Shalom Institute will want to relax in our heated 55-foot indoor Salt Pure swimming pool, steam baths and saunas. After a day of therapy, maybe a dip in the pool or a relaxing steam bath or sauna will help you to pause and renew mind, body, and spirit and say, ” Yes, I deserve to feel this good”.

Shalom Institute has a world renowned chef at your disposal. Our award-winning chef comes with a reputation as one of only six Three Michelin-starred chefs in New York City. Your chef features a superbly crafted menu, blending French, American and Indochinese ingredients. Your hand picked Nutritionist will do a full evaluation and see your nutritional needs are met. We follow the strictest Kashrut dietary laws. This is all based on each individual observances of Kashrut diets. We know how important keeping kosher, like other Jewish traditions and customs, endures. We believe that traditions like keeping kosher are important, that’s why we have a Mashkiach on premise to supervise that all kosher laws are observed. We know that keeping kosher connects Jewish people to their sense of identity, their history, and their culture. Such traditions have kept the spirit of Judaism alive, even in the darkest of times.

At Shalom Institute we strongly believe that our clients must integrate back into their lifestyle well before they complete their recovery, so when the medical team and your primary counselors feels it’s time, we will take in a Broadway Show, an Opera at The Met, a night of fine dining, or a sporting event, We believe in a well rounded balance of therapy, counseling, spiritual sessions, meditation, as well as private time and days and evenings out of the recovery center. A day to the best museums in NYC or an art gallery has proven wonderful therapy. It’s not all groups, groups, groups. We have to learn to enjoy life while sober and we start while you are with us and very safe. Most clients start getting out and gaining sober references within a week after detox, if not sooner, this isn’t jail, we want you out as much as possible. You will be with your primary counselor, another counselor and two security guards at all times when you leave the facility. Clients love their one on one session with their primary counselor on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, rather than behind a desk watching the world go by, you feel as if you are being punished and locked into a facility. Not here at our institute. We want you to feel free everyday. That’s why you are out and about Manhattan. So we use all of Manhattan as our recovery center. There is so much therapeutic value to Manhattan, so we tap into it.

Shalom institute is exclusive to other centers around the world. Our clients are surrounded at all times by a staff highly trained to help them with the problem they walked in with. Our spectacular recovery services, and rich, luxurious amenities are second to none in our field. We want you to feel like a king or a queen.

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